Your Social Media Strategy Needs These 4 Amazing Apps


The social media landscape is one that’s packed full of opportunity, but as with all enterprises you need the right tools to hit those all important targets. And behind all the status updates, photos shared and links posted, there’s a whole industry of apps helping marketers deliver their social media strategy most effectively.

Okay, I guess you don’t have to use an app to help you gather up a whole load of shares, likes and new followers, but bear in mind that the digital age is one that runs 24/7. So, unless you’re happy to never sleep, sure, you could carry on without any help, but, believe me, all marketers need sleep!

As I said, there’s a whole industry of apps vying for you attention, but how do you sort the wheat from the chaff? Yeah, you could test them all and come to a solid conclusion, but time is of the essence in this busy day and age. And that’s why I’m going to help share my 6 picks to help your social media strategy achieve all its goals.

1. BuzzSumo


It’s always a good idea to carry out research as part of your social media strategy, so wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could discover precisely what type of content is popular and who’s sharing it? Well, with BuzzSumo this can become a reality very quickly.

By searching for specific keywords in BuzzSumo, marketers can discover which pieces of shared content relate most closely to these keywords. This then gives you a starting block to create an even more amazing piece of content.

So, for example, perhaps the most shared piece of content for the keyword ‘social media marketing’ looks at all the social media marketing trends of 2015, perhaps it’s time to write an update which takes into account all the trends in 2016. This should then resonate clearly with people searching for that keyword and drive them towards your content.

BuzzSumo also allows you to view which social media platforms get the most shares for specific pieces of content and provides information on who is sharing these. This can help you build an idea of where to share your content and who the influential sharers are to target with it.

2. Dynamic Signal


For a business to promote their own content they tend to rely on the in-house marketing team to carry this out. However, this is a rather reductive view when you consider all the other employees who could get involved. If you can get more of your employees sharing content then you’re going to significantly increase your social media reach.

And, with Dynamic Signal, your employees are given the opportunity to take the pain out of sharing this content. By using one click features, you can share company content with your employees who, in turn, are able to share this content across their social media accounts with just one click.

Not all content shared through Dynamic Signal will necessarily need to be amplified (e.g. in house announcements on retirements), but for sharing company developments and product launches, Dynamic Signal can help your content reach more people than ever.

3. Mention


Social media platforms provide a rich mine of information on what people are saying about your brand, but sifting through all this information can be overwhelming. Helping you listen in on all this buzz, though, is Mention.

With a simple to use interface, Mention helps you keep on top of exactly what people are saying about your brand. Understanding the word of mouth chatter around your business allows you to understand your digital presence much better and identify in which areas you need to grow. And Mention also allows you to discover who are the most influential people talking about your brand, so you can begin to build relationships with them.

Making Mention even more appealing is its feature which lets you view what’s being discussed about your competitors across social media platforms. This can shine a light on their social media strategies and identify new techniques for you to adopt and the influential individuals you should be targeting.

4. Adobe Spark


Visual content is crucial to engage people on social media, so it’s an area that you need to concentrate on in order to maximize your reach. To help you create eye-catching graphics and videos, Adobe have thrown their hat into the ring with their Adobe Spark app.

With Adobe Spark, marketers can now easily and quickly design compelling visual content to help tell their story. As we all know, style alone is not enough to drive great content, but once you have that amazing content in place, a visual accompaniment is the perfect weapon for engaging your followers.

Videos and still images can both be created with Adobe Spark in just a few minutes through a series of simple overlay and text design procedures, so, instead of consulting a costly graphic designer, marketers can now take control of this particular aesthetic.

Making the Difference With Apps

By carefully selecting the right apps for your social media strategy, you’re going to find that your social media marketing is going to become that little bit easier. Also, by using social media marketing apps, you’ll soon realize that you’re able to tailor your content to become more precise and generate more buzz online. And what marketer doesn’t want that?

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