Why You Need a YouTube Channel to Promote Your Website


Not many small businesses have a YouTube channel. As a small business owner myself, all I can say is that you’re missing out an a whole new audience. YouTube is actually an incredible way to drive additional traffic to your website and convert new customers.

If you don’t already have a channel setup on YouTube then this helpful tutorial will walk you through on setting one up. Once you’re all setup and have a channel ready to go with your logo and header uploaded and a description filled out then the next step it to start uploading some content.

What kind of content should I upload? I don’t even know how to make videos!

That was my issue. I didn’t want to make videos or even had the talent for making how. Making videos didn’t really fit in with the theme of my e-commerce business. But to tell you the truth, it doesn’t really matter much. All you need to do is get ANY kind of content uploaded that will help drive traffic to your website.

I started with a service called Fiverr which allowed me to hire people to make a simple YouTube video for as low as $5. Once you’re signed up do a search for “youtube video”:


Provide them with some basic information and promotional material for your business and they’ll put together an animation or a third person recording of them discussing your business. Boom. You’re all set. Just download the file(s) they send you and upload them to your channel.

Now what?

After you upload your video you’ll need to add a captivating title and description. This is extremely important because the title and description will help people find your video when they’re searching. Choose something related to your niche that you think your customer would be searching for.

The last step is to include a link to your website near the top of the description. This is what will help drive additional traffic to your website.

By simply setting up a basic channel for business it has helped drive around 250 additional unique visitors to my website each month. I can’t complain about that kind of a return for a simple $5 investment and 15 minutes of my time!

Not only will you get the benefit of targeted traffic but actually having a channel will help your search engine ranking in Google.

Other things to note

Make sure that you enable comments on your videos. This way you can actively engage with potential customers who may comment on the video.

Try to keep your YouTube channel active. I would recommend posting at least one new video a month. You don’t want customers to stumble on a YouTube channel that looks abandoned.

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