The Essentials of Engaging on Social Media to Succeed


Understanding the importance of engaging on social media is crucial in building a successful relationship with your customers. Sure, you can post up all the amazing content you want, but you need to create a rapport with your customers to really drive that content across the social media platforms.

And the beauty of social media platforms is that they allow businesses to throw off the shackles of being ‘just another faceless corporation.

Obviously, engaging on social media is somewhat of an art, so you’re going to want to understand how to do this most effectively. That’s why I’ve drawn up the essentials of engaging on social media to help you create that foothold with your customers and, furthermore, to increase your chances of conversion.

Why Do You Need to Engage?


The number of people accessing social media networks is huge and, by 2018, it’s expected to rise to 2.5 billion users and there’s one thing that all these users have in common, but what is it? Well, the key is in the name social media.

Yes, that’s right, people are flocking to social media to engage. They don’t want to be be brushed off by clinical contact forms on an unmanned website, they want some sort of connection. And once you’ve managed to secure this engagement you can expect the following benefits to start flooding in:

  • Increase website traffic – Social media is an amazing tool to generate website traffic and, as Buzzfeed shows, it is now the dominant traffic channel for many websites. As well as driving traffic towards your website, the backlinks involved in this redirection, also help to increase your SEO ranking, and, therefore, your search engine ranking.
  • Enhanced branding – Engaging on social media helps you work towards that holy grail of marketing: increased visibility for your brand in the marketplace. This enhanced visibility can then help to build confidence in your brand. and where there’s brand confidence there is also an increase in the number of conversions.
  • An upgrade in networking – Although you want to maximize your conversions, social media isn’t all about chasing those elusive sales and increasing the funds available in your wallet. In fact, one of the most underestimated aspects of social media is the ability for brands to network with major authorities in their niche and open up new opportunities.

Naturally, these are the types of tempting prospects that no business can ignore, so it’s no surprise that social media has become one of the biggest marketing phenomenons in recent times, if not of all time.

However, it’s all very well and good to admire these benefits, but how do you harness their power?

How to Get Started Engaging


What makes social media marketing particularly attractive to businesses is that it’s a relatively straightforward and low cost exercise compared to, for example, half time advertising during the Superbowl. And this is why anyone can start engaging on social media shortly after setting up an account.

It may feel a little overwhelming when confronted with such a huge audience, but there are a number of proven social media marketing techniques which will help to grow your audience and get them started down the conversion funnel. Let’s take a look at what you can do to ramp up engagement levels:

  • Respond to comments – You wouldn’t ignore someone who phoned your company, so why would you ignore someone who contacts you through social media? Sure, they may just have a profile picture of an egg and a wildly long username full of numbers, but if they’ve got a query you need to respond – it’s the cornerstone of good customer service.
  • Help people engage – People who visit your website may find an amazing piece of content that they want to share, but in this busy age it can be time consuming and fiddly to sit there cut and pasting URLs and titles. However, you can give your customers a helping hand by installing social media share buttons which share content with one click.
  • Use persuasion – Sometimes, you simply need to ask people to engage with you and share your content. Okay, your initial reaction may be that this is forceful, but persuasion can be surprisingly powerful. Dr Robert Cialdini has discussed this at length and it can easily be applied to social media e.g. promise your followers that if a specific post receives 100 shares then you’ll release a 10% discount code.
  • Carry out polls – Your followers want to feel special and you want to know what they’re thinking. An excellent method to solve both these problems is to conduct opinion polls. On Twitter, for example, you can easily create one click polls for your followers to complete and provide you with a whole host of insights which can help shape your social media strategies.
  • Have a sense of humor – Social media is a perfect platform to show that your brand has a sense of humor. And this is important as it can produce an emotional response in your followers and strengthen their trust in your brand. Sometimes all it needs to be is a quick gag, but if it can create a smile and show you’re human then it’s going to pay dividends in the engagement stakes in a way that a blog post never could.

Time to Start Engaging

As you can see, it’s vital that you start engaging on social media to not only provide your followers with a rewarding experience, but also to ensure your brand can thrive in what’s a highly competitive landscape. They key to success is to make sure that you’re actively giving your followers something special.

Perhaps you’re making your content more accessible or maybe you’re just responding to a customer complaint on social media. Regardless of your activity, you need to be prompt, friendly and deliver a service which will encourage people to come back time and time again.

By following the advice above you should discover that it’s easier to achieve this than you thought. Just make sure you get creative and foster a special connection with your followers.

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