4 Exciting Ways to Promote Your Brand on LinkedIn


Understanding how to promote your brand on LinkedIn is important as many marketers fail to appreciate the power of LinkedIn as a social media outlet for their brand. Too often it’s neglected and mistaken as being nothing more than a networking tool.

However, with LinkedIn’s company pages, you have a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of your brand to around 900 million visitors per month. Yes, that’s right, 900 million visitors per month – sounds pretty exciting, right?

Well, now that I’ve got you salivating over that prospective audience, I guess that I should really let you into a few secrets about marketing your brand like a pro on LinkedIn.

And, as luck would have it, I’m going to serve up 4 exciting ways to promote your brand on LinkedIn.

1. Select the Perfect Hero Image

First impressions count and this is an observation which is alive and well on the company pages of LinkedIn. In order to make that amazing impact, and engage visitors the moment they land on your page, you need deliver the right hero image for your brand.

Now, a hero image doesn’t refer to a still from a Marvel or DC comic, it’s a little less obvious than that. Although, I suppose, it kind of is a hero as it’s there to save your page from falling victim to the tyranny of quick exit times. And this hero image is, quite simply, the first image you see at the top of a webpage.

Adidas' hero image sums up their brand's ethos

Adidas’ hero image sums up their brand’s ethos

And, on LinkedIn, the hero image is a 646 x 222 pixel image with which you need to sum up everything your brand stands for. With the right image you can show visitors what your brand promises to deliver and get them started on the journey through your company page.

Make sure you follow this advice to get the perfect hero image:

  • Keep your brand’s message on track by being relevant e.g if you run a swanky cocktail bar, capture your bar’s spirit with a photo of the bar during peak hours and packed full of customers. Don’t go for a stock image such as someone drinking a cocktail on a beach as this will send out conflicting signals.
  • Fashion a high quality and sharp image, but not one that has such a high file size that it increases your page’s  loading time – consumers do not like long loading times.
  • Unless the marketing gods are looking down on you, it’s unlikely that you’ll pick that great hero image out the bag first time round. Therefore, it makes sense to carry out a spot of A/B testing to discover which hero image maximizes conversions.

2. Add Groups

One great way to promote your brand on LinkedIn is through the ‘groups’ option which allows you to start discussions on specific topics relating to your brand.

Currently, you’re allowed to create 3 groups per company page and two groups per showcase page. And these open groups allow you to engage with your followers in a number of ways:

  • LinkedIn groups allow you to open up the floor to any potential customers who may have queries about your brand; there’s also the added bonus that you can private message any participants in the group.
  • Followers are able to share opinions and knowledge with each other and your brand to create a sense of community and help you build target awareness.
  • The groups allow your brand to deliver updates and keep followers informed on any changes that are taking place.

Groups need time and attention, though, to get the best out of them, so it’s a good idea to visit them every day to keep them active and respond to your followers’ queries. And once you become a master of LinkedIn groups you’ll find that loyalty to your brand skyrockets.

3. Visual Content is Key

If there’s one thing that we know about the contemporary web then it’s that visual content absolutely kills in the engagement stakes. In fact, a huge 90% of the information that reaches our brain is of a visual nature. And with stats like that, you shouldn’t even have to think twice about including visual content within your LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn’s most lucrative visual content method for wrestling people’s attention to the floor is through the status update feature. This allows you to feed your content directly into the feed of your followers where (hopefully) they shouldn’t be able to resist pressing that play button.

Amazon understand the importance of visual content

Amazon understand the importance of visual content

Naturally, you’ll want to deliver content which is relevant to your brand, so look to include videos and slideshows which focus on the following:

  • Product launches
  • How to guides
  • Video blogs which focus on your industry
  • Q+A sessions
  • Interviews

However, don’t forget that a sense of humor and personality goes a long to engaging your followers, so don’t be scared to dip your toe into the world of funny content. As long as it’s relevant e.g. Adidas sharing a compilation of Olympic fails makes sense, but Adidas sharing funny cat videos is just wrong!

Therefore, the ability to create visual content which gives your followers that extra helping of value is crucial in ensuring your content ratchets up the shares and likes to underline your brand’s authority.

4. Invest in LinkedIn Ads

Generating conversions is the order of the day for all marketers, so what better way to start that conversion process on LinkedIn than with ads? As we all know, ads have been an essential tool for marketers go-to for decades, so it’s promising that LinkedIn’s advertising network is so fertile.

And with LinkedIn making $154 million in advertising revenue in Q1 2016, you can see how seriously they take it and want it to succeed. However, you may be wondering what’s suitable for your brand, but thankfully LinkedIn provides solutions for brands of all sizes.

If your advertising budget allows for an outlay of $100k per year then you can enter into the world of premium advertising on LinkedIn; this option provides you with advertising avenues such as sponsored groups, in-mail advertising and display ads. Frankly, it’s a phenomenal package and guarantees a number of highly targeted adverts.

For smaller businesses, though, there are still an array of attractive options available. Sponsored content and text ads are still highly powerful advertising techniques which can get your content in front of the right people. And once there, they shouldn’t be able to resist clicking.

Sure, the costs involved in LinkedIn advertising are higher than other social media platforms, but when they provide so much precise targeting and analysis, it’s difficult to balk at these costs. Especially when they generate so many leads.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn presents an exciting opportunity for your brand to promote itself thanks to its innovative features. Understanding the best way to utilize these features should allow you to deliver precisely targeted content and engage with your followers to generate brand loyalty. And there’s no time like the present to get started, so promote your brand on LinkedIn now!

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